I've seen it a few times in other people's posts, who's bp

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don’t worry about it babe :) xx

Oh my god the David Archuleta analogy is so perfect I am feeling the same rage. I feel like 20 year old me might use more swear words than 14 year old me though

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Hahahahahahaha trueeeee, very trueee

Happy first day of classessssss 💔💔

Why isn't One Direction at the VMAs? What did Ben Winston do?

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i honestly don’t know where to start…

it all goes back to a long long time ago, when one ben winston was born..

MTV: *brings 2015 VMAs to one direction*

let’s see them try to hold an award show without one direction again


You wanna know why Nicki’s wardrobe malfunctioned? Same reason Katy won over Beyoncé. Ben Winston.

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This is like when David archuleta should have won and American idol fcked everyone over